About Us

We are Celero, a digital design & development agency that loves to create absolutely astonishing products. And we are really passionate about what we do! We truly believe in the power of design and its ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere.

Celero is a Digital Agency based in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. We support and advise the “German Mittelstand” to master the digital changes. Therefore we design and develop digital products and solutions to simplify people’s daily life. Celero’s design & development team is completed with a support & a project management teams. We have also a sales and marketing representatives in Germany.
Permanent exchange with the digital ecosystem, startups and disruptive businesses is not just a task for us – it is our passion. Our key of success is our dedicated Team and strong background from the founders Eugen Resch and Slava Kilimnik.

Our Team

Sincere, persistent, encouraging, adventurous guy. We think He found a good recipe for success. He could easily share it with you.
SlavaCofounder & CEO
He has big plans for the world because Slava knows how to improve it. Sometimes we think he can do everything and a little more. Deep sense in small things – his source of inspiration.
Vlad likes India and sarcasm. After some clients, love to India became sarcasm. “Accuracy and Consistency” these words adorn his imaginary family coat of arms.
YaroslavaBusiness Development Manager
She adores everything German. Yara has been constantly mastering smart technologies but still writes on paper. Always open to new challenges.
Evergreen 9
Evergreen 9Office's mascots
Green mascots of our office. There is always some energy of growth in the office. They help us grow and vice versa.
“Wow man just wow ” – Typical feedback from our clients when Vova is responsible for their projects. Experienced developer who doesn’t know word “impossible”.
We wish everyone has a big heart as Vadim has. Pepsi connoisseur who does not hear pop while listening to it because he is too concentrated on coding and self-learning
RomanProject Manager
Sometimes his diplomatic approach makes new difficulties for him, though he knows what to do and how to do. He wants to be the next Elon Musk. We believe he will.
No matter you want a clean code or to discuss the last Metallica’s album – you aimed the target. Frank and responsible. Dima does not stay still and always grow up.
Unpredictable freak from outer space who is always in search of new knowledge. Shy dreamer with his own point of view.
No one has ever seen Artem in the office. But this fact does not prohibit him to be a great designer. meticulous and arguing – hiss approach to make you satisfied
Our fresher. His pixel perfect passion and efficiency open the world of unlimited prospects and professional prosperity in front of his face